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NVRT Labs is a software development company and XR training service provider focused on the creation of high-end XR content for the medical device training arena. With the ability to leverage dozens of industry relationships with OEMs, service providers, health systems, and biomed educators, NVRT has virtually unlimited access to medical devices, technical documentation, and resident BMET expertise. Combining our in-house XR development talent with our proven, proprietary design methodologies, NVRT has created the formula to produce meaningful XR training content that develops real-life competencies.

Simply put, the NVRT Labs team has an unparalleled advantage in the HTM industry because we come from within the industry. We are educators, designers, and developers with HTM in our DNA.


Matthew Bassuk - CEO

Matthew Bassuk

Chief Executive Officer

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Aaron Hanna - CTO

Aaron Hanna

Chief Technology Officer

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Advisory Board

Richard Gonzales - Advisor

Richard Gonzales

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William Bassuk - Advisor

William Bassuk

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Scott McKnight - Advisor

Scott McKnight

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