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Aaron sits on the AI Panel at PartsSource Leadership Summit

Published 7 months ago.

In the heart of Denver, minds converged at the PartsSource Leadership Summit, where Aaron Hanna, CTO of NVRT Labs, spearheaded a compelling AI panel discussion. Dozens of Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) leaders attended this summit, creating a platform for insightful conversations about the future of AI in healthcare.

The panel, comprising experts from esteemed organizations like Bain & Company, Mayo Clinic, Metrohealth, and Children's Mercy in Kansas City, explored a range of topics. From defining AI intricacies to delving into its limitless applications in the biomed industry, the discussion was enlightening.

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Representing NVRT Labs, Aaron Hanna brought a unique perspective, shedding light on groundbreaking AI projects in development at our labs. These projects promise to reshape the healthcare technology landscape, bridging the gap between AI and practical applications in biomed.

Robbie Sandig from Bain offered valuable insights into the broader AI landscape, complemented by unique industry perspectives from Ryan Motl (Mayo Clinic), Alex Pemberton (Children's Mercy Kansas City), and Robert Tackett (Metrohealth).

The hour-long discussion, expertly moderated by Dave Brennan, SVP of Clinical Solutions at PartsSource, not only covered AI but also delved into VR and the future of emerging technologies in HTM. The engaging discourse prompted lively discussions that seamlessly transitioned into the evening activities, fostering a collaborative atmosphere.

NVRT Labs' participation in this AI panel at the PartsSource Leadership Summit underscores our commitment to pushing technology boundaries in healthcare. As we navigate the ever-evolving AI and emerging technologies landscape, collaborations like these serve as catalysts for innovation.

The summit was more than a meeting of minds; it was a catalyst for the future—a glimpse into the transformative potential of AI and VR in shaping the healthcare industry. As NVRT Labs remains at the forefront of this technological revolution, stay tuned for updates on our journey towards a future where innovation knows no bounds.

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