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CBET Partners with NVRT Labs

Published 4 months ago.

The College of Biomedical Equipment Technology (CBET) has announced a collaboration with NVRT Labs, a leading virtual reality technology company, to usher in a new era of hands-on learning in the field of biomedical equipment technology training and education. This innovative partnership integrates virtual reality lab assignments into CBET’s interactive distance learning BMET certificate and associate degree programs, according to a press release.

“Upon enrolling in CBET’s programs, new students are equipped with a pre-configured VR headset that offers immersive virtual hands-on experiences. These cutting-edge lab modules cover essential BMET procedures, including electrical safety tests, preventative maintenance, and operational check-out procedures for a wide variety of biomedical devices, such as IV pumps, defibrillators, patient beds, ECGs and more,” the release states.

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Dr. Richard ‘Monty’ Gonzales, president of the CBET, enthusiastically welcomed the partnership, stating, “We are excited to pioneer educational innovation in the healthcare technology management career field. This collaboration with NVRT Labs signifies a major milestone for CBET as we adopt virtual reality to elevate the learning journey for our students. By integrating VR lab assignments, we aim to offer students realistic virtual hands-on training, equipping them with the skills to be successful in a rapidly evolving industry.”

Matthew Bassuk, CEO of NVRT Labs, echoed Gonzales’ sentiments, emphasizing the importance of this partnership in addressing skills gaps in the industry.

“This collaboration is a pioneering effort to bridge the divide between education and industry needs. By incorporating virtual reality into CBET’s curriculum, we aim to equip students with practical skills that directly translate to the demands of the workforce. NVRT Labs is proud to be part of this initiative, contributing to the development of a highly skilled and capable workforce in the HTM sector,” Bassuk said.

This partnership sets a new precedent in the realm of biomedical equipment technology education, establishing a cutting-edge standard for immersive and comprehensive training, the release states.

“The VR training content represents a milestone achievement for BMET training with modalities modelled on nuanced technical interactions with medical device equipment and operating procedures, facilitating training on equipment that might otherwise be too expensive, dangerous, inaccessible, or otherwise unavailable. The adoption of VR content also provides standardized, cost-effective tools and platforms that allow the college and industry partners to train students and employees employees regardless of population densities and individual employee locations. CBET and NVRT Labs are committed to continually enhancing the educational experience, raising the bar for emerging professionals entering the HTM workforce as well as seasoned professionals seeking advanced technical training,” according to the release.

“By integrating virtual reality into our curriculum, we are ensuring that our students receive technically relevant, hands-on training, positioning them for success in the ever-evolving HTM industry, consistent with our mission to deliver premier education in the field to equip students to meet the evolving needs of the industries we serve,” Gonzales said.

“We believe that technology has the power to transform education and workforce readiness,” Bassuk added. “Partnering with CBET to introduce virtual reality lab assignments in this field is a testament to our commitment to filling industry skills gaps. This collaboration paves the way for a new generation of professionals equipped with the practical skills needed to excel in the HTM workforce.”

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