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NVRT visits CMIA Bay Area Chapter May 2023

Published about 1 year ago.

Written by James Houston

Meeting Recap:

Dear CMIA Bay Area Chapter Members,

Welcome to the May 2023 edition of our
Newsletter. Our last chapter meeting on May 17th featured a variety of engaging conversations and informative insights. Our guest speaker, Matt Bassuk from NVRT Labs, took us on a fascinating journey into the future of Biomed and Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) training. As an expert in Extended Reality (XR) development, Matt offered a comprehensive overview of Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR) technologies and their potential to improve HTM training methodologies.

After only a few minutes, it became clear that this technology could drastically disrupt and improve the current state of learning, impacting not only the HTM field but extending its reach to other industries as well.

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NVRT Labs, an XR development company at the forefront of the industry, has been pioneering immersive solutions in various domains, including education. Matt showcased device-specific training modules, developed by NVRT Labs, that leverage VR and MR technologies.

Learners are immersed in a virtual environment where they can interact with specific medical devices, tools, test equipment, and parts, simulating real-world training. Imagine performing preventive maintenance on a CT machine in the Metaverse!

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The initial responses to these training modules have been overwhelmingly positive.

Users have reported a significant increase in confidence and proficiency, even in high-level tasks, without prior hands-on experience. Matt presented compelling statistics that highlight the transformative potential of VR and MR in training, including improved performance and retention rates.

These technological advancements give us an opportunity to re-envision our approach to training, shifting away from traditional, costly, manufacturer-led programs. We can now bring specialized device training in-house, customizing schedules to our needs, reducing costs, and enhancing our department's efficiency and effectiveness.

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Following the VR demonstration, Bill Lesch emphasized the need for a new Biomed educational program, aiming to enable a smoother transition for Biomeds from school to the workforce in the Bay Area. A brainchild of Bill and Ramana, this program will provide students with directly applicable, hands-on experience that's relevant to our field and reduce new-hire training requirements. This initiative and Matt's innovative training methodologies create a powerful combination, poised to bolster a vibrant,
highly skilled, and innovative Biomed workforce. Any members interested in
contributing to this initiative, please feel free to reach out to Bill and Ramana.

Thank you for your unwavering support and dedication to the Biomed field as well as our CMIA
Bay Area Chapter.

We’re looking forward to seeing many of you at the upcoming AAMI 2023 event in Long Beach,
CA, and at our next chapter meeting.

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