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Immersive Learning at CMIA

Published 6 months ago.

In a concise yet informative one-hour session at the California Medical Instrumentation Association event on January 20th, 2024, NVRT Labs CEO Matt Bassuk and Dr. Jeffrey Smoot of Mira Costa College collaborated to shed light on the seamless integration of advanced VR modules into the realm of Biomedical Education.

NVRT Labs, recognized for its cutting-edge technology, provided a glimpse into their innovative VR solutions. Dr. Smoot, offering a valuable perspective as an experienced Biomedical Technology professor, elaborated on the practical application of these VR modules within his

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educational framework.

During the succinct presentation, the duo illustrated how NVRT Labs' VR technology is enhancing the educational experience in Dr. Smoot's Biomedical program. The focus was on providing a brief yet insightful overview, offering attendees a snapshot of the transformative potential of integrating VR into a traditional academic setting.

In this condensed timeframe, the session emphasized the collaborative efforts of NVRt Labs and Dr. Smoot, showcasing the adaptability and value of VR technology in the specific context of Biomedical Education. The takeaway: a glimpse into the synergies between technological innovation and academic application, pointing towards an intriguing future for immersive learning in the field.