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Bridging Futures: Mesa Community College's HTM Career Fair Impact

Published 5 months ago.

Friday, on February 23, 2024, the vibrant atmosphere at Mesa Community College was teeming with energy as the #AZHTM Association took the lead in connecting with the next generation of Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) enthusiasts. It was a day dedicated to introducing high school students to the dynamic world of biomedicine, spearheaded by the inspiring team behind Mesa's burgeoning Biomedical Technology program.

A special shout-out goes to Joshua Trueblood, Matt Tomory, Shawn Bryant, Mary Hefter-Boyce, Charles Wickens, and Teague Whalen for their incredible efforts in making the Mesa Community College CTE Career Fair an unforgettable experience. The goal? Winning hearts and minds, one VR demo at a time!

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Under the leadership of program chair Mary Hefter-Boyce and instructor Charles Wickens, the event aimed to pique the interest of high school students in Mesa's newly established Biomedical program. The dedicated team spent the morning providing insights into the biomed career field, emphasizing the potential and excitement that comes with a career in Healthcare Technology Management.

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One highlight of the event was the engaging showcase of NVRT Labs' VR headsets and training modules, allowing students to immerse themselves in the industry and gain a firsthand feel for the technology. It was a hands-on approach to learning about the multifaceted world of HTM, ensuring that the next generation is well-equipped to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare technology.

Shawn Bryant brought a touch of innovation to the fair by presenting Pronk Technologies' cutting-edge test equipment, providing students with a glimpse into the tools used in the field. Additionally, Robert Hall from Common Spirit captivated students with a display of a LifePak Defib, sparking meaningful conversations about the real-world applications of HTM.

The collaborative efforts of these dedicated professionals made the career fair a resounding success, leaving a lasting impression on the aspiring minds in attendance. As we celebrate the passion and commitment of the #AZHTM Association, we also look forward to witnessing the growth and success of Mesa Community College's Biomedical program, fostering the next generation of HTMs and biomed professionals. Cheers to building bridges toward a promising future in healthcare technology!

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