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PICO Developer Workshop at TikTok Office in NYC

Published 9 months ago.

NVRT Labs had the incredible opportunity to attend the PICO Developer Workshop, held at the vibrant TikTok Office in NYC. The event was extraordinary, featuring exciting announcements, cutting-edge VR projects, and insightful discussions about the future of XR.

PICO, VR Hardware company owned by Bytedance - the parent company for TikTok, showcased its commitment to fostering meaningful partnerships with developers who are shaping the XR landscape. This emphasis on intentional collaborations with developers stood out at the workshop. The company demonstrated a dedication to working closely with those who build applications for their VR headsets. This collaborative approach not only highlights PICO’s commitment to innovation but also encourages a thriving ecosystem for developers to explore new possibilities.

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PICO did not disappoint with its announcements, revealing a host of improvements and new features that will soon enhance their VR headsets and platform. We had the treat of demoing some of their new projects and we must say, there are some really cool things coming.

VR Projects Across Industries:
One of the highlights of the event was the showcase of diverse VR projects spanning various industries. Smoothsoft presented innovative training modules tailored for the restaurant space, XRHealth shared insights into the development of virtual clinics for therapeutic care, Prisms of Reality took the stage to discuss their groundbreaking work in changing the paradigm for STEM education in middle and high school age groups, and RIVR presented on their innovative solutions and products, further emphasizing the diversity of applications within the XR industry and the potential for addressing various challenges across all sectors.

As the XR landscape continues to evolve, events like these serve as a testament to the exciting journey ahead, and NVRT Labs is thrilled to be part of shaping the future of the XR industry.

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